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People in street performing testing


Oregon State University has launched a groundbreaking project in Corvallis and other communities to determine the prevalence of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

TRACE in the media

CBC Radio -

Friday Edition: Oregon Testing

As It Happens, a Canadian news show, featured OSU researchers for their work on Covid-19 sampling in Corvallis to accurately determine the prevalence of the virus in the local population.


Ask An Expert: How OSU's study is determining coronavirus prevalence

OSU researchers are going door to door and testing residents for coronavirus to find its prevalence in the community. Watch a video conference where OSU epidemiologist Jeffery Bethel responds to questions about the research.


Door-to-door COVID-19 testing in Corvallis begins with encouraging results

TRACE-COVID-19 epidemiologists Jeff Bethel and Benjamin Dalziel are quoted for their significant findings in the novel community-testing project. In the first weekend of sampling, the teams visited 237 households across Corvallis, with findings suggesting that about two people per 1,000 residents were infected.

KGW8 -

OSU trace project initial results are in

OSU researchers are continuing a unique project to track COVID-19 in Corvallis, Oregon. Watch video at KGW8.


These scientists are on a quest to understand how prevalent coronavirus is

NPR podcast interviews OSU epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel on groundbreaking efforts to randomly sample members of the Corvallis population for coronavirus cases.

Portland Business Journal -

OSU study offers glimpse of Covid-19 prevalence in its hometown

Article quotes epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel regarding work that TRACE-COVID-19 team has undertaken to randomly sample Corvallis population for infection.

Democrat Herald -

Corvallis door-to-door testing project suggests coronavirus has affected 2 of every 1,000 residents

Test subjects from the first weekend of the TRACE project, April 25 and 26, have gotten their results back. According to OSU epidemiologist Ben Dalziel, research based on the 455 people tested in the first weekend suggests that 23 of every 10,000 people in the city have been infected.

Science News -

Door-to-door tests help track COVID-19’s spread in one Oregon town

Science News interviews Benjamin Dalziel, OSU population biologist and epidemiologist, on the unprecedented effort the university has taken to perform comprehensive testing for COVID-19 using door-to-door testing procedures.

Oregon Live -

Oregon State went door-to-door offering coronavirus tests. It won’t say how many people tested positive.

New study results indicate that coronavirus infections in Corvallis are not rampant, even though key details have yet to become publically available. Although few people have tested positive, OSU epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel cautions that the results should not be taken as a green light to reopen the state too quickly.

New York Times -

Tracing and sampling to monitor Covid-19

OSU President Edward J. Ray is published in an editorial letter advocating for random sampling of the U.S. population for Covid-19. He highlights the work OSU scientists have achieved in sampling the Corvallis population through TRACE-COVID-19.

Koin -

COVID trace testing underway at OSU

A joint effort of four OSU colleges – Science, Public Health and Human Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine have joined together to from the TRACE-COVID-19 team to help increase testing in the local community.


Door-to-Door Study Expected To Identify More COVID-19 Cases In Benton County

Article and hour-long podcast highlight effort the TRACE-COVID-19 team is undertaking to test a community for overall health of individuals. Benton County spokesperson warns that community will experience an uptick in recorded cases as more testing becomes available.

Gizmodo -

Researchers in Oregon Are Starting Door-to-Door Coronavirus Testing

OSU has announced that it will begin mass at-home testing in the state. The study, which is being coordinated with the Benton County Health Department, has been dubbed the TRACE project. Roughly, 4,000 tests are expected to be collected over four weekends, with results available within seven to 10 days.


OSU Survey Plans To Track Spread Of COVID-19 In Corvallis And Beyond

Quotes OSU epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel on establishing the novel coronavirus testing project TRACE-COVID-19. The study is unique in that it recruits humans as test subjects while also doing a public service for the community.

Health Day -

In Oregon, One Town Goes Door to Door Tracking Coronavirus Spread

Article quotes Benjamin Dalziel, OSU epidemiologist, on the unprecedented effort OSU researchers are taking to track the spread of the coronavirus. Article features a video demonstration of testing procedure that will take place in homes across Corvallis.


Oregon State starts program to test Corvallis residents for COVID-19

Quotes epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel on the landmark testing procedure that will take place in Corvallis over the course of four weekends. Brief news clip highlights the first weekend of the undertaking.

Statesman Journal -

OSU launches study with door-to-door COVID-19 testing

Oregon State’s TRACE-COVID-19 is among the first in the nation to study the prevalence of the virus in an entire community. The article quotes Benton County Health Administrator Charlie Fautin on the critical information the study may reveal.


OSU Starts Door-To-Door Coronavirus Testing

OSU is teaming up with the Benton County Health Department to conduct door-to-door testing for COVID-19 in Corvallis. Article features OSU epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel on the logistics of the upcoming study.


OSU Project Will Test For COVID-19 In Select Corvallis Neighborhoods

An OSU partnership with Willamette Valley Toxicology (WVT) has provided the TRACE-COVID-19 team the ability to conduct nearly 4,000 tests on people over the course of four weekends. Article quotes Vice President for OSU Relations Steve Clark on the procedure and future promise of the project.

Oregon Live -

OSU set to embark on 'groundbreaking’ coronavirus testing project in Corvallis

Researchers from Oregon State University are embarking on a groundbreaking effort to identify how widespread the coronavirus is in Corvallis, especially among residents who might not have symptoms of the virus. OSU epidemiologist Benjamin Dalziel quoted in a statement about the project.