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Follow-up and results

Masked volunteers and community members gather in Newport

After a participant’s sample is collected, it may take seven to 10 days for results to become available. Participants will be able to obtain their personal results and those of dependents under the age of 18.

TRACE-COVID-19 team members do not have access to participants’ personal information or test results. All personal information is removed before test results are combined into groups (such as age groups) to be analyzed and shared publicly.

All results, including personal identifying information, are reported to the Benton County, Deschutes County and Lincoln County health departments. This is consistent with state of Oregon requirements for all laboratories providing COVID-19 tests,

We advise individuals who test positive to follow all CDC and county health department guidelines, including contacting their health care provider. Participants who receive a negative result should continue to take appropriate precautions to avoid becoming infected in the future. All participants, regardless of their test results, should follow medical, state and national public health guidelines to control and prevent infection from the virus that causes COVID-19.