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News media coverage

News media coverage

Bend Bulletin -

OSU receives $2 million grant to expand COVID-19 testing program to other states

Oregon State University's COVID-19 testing program, TRACE, will expand to other states after the university received a $2 million grant Monday.


Oregon colleges and universities take precautions for Thanksgiving travel

Oregon State University is attempting to test more than 10,000 students this week through its TRACE-COVID-19 project. The TRACE project normally tests as many as 1,000 students, staff and faculty per week across OSU’s different campuses, on a voluntary basis.

Corvallis Advocate -

Three Out of Every 1,000 Corvallisites Might Have COVID

In the fifth and latest round of door-to-door sampling using TRACE-COVID-19, field workers from Oregon State University recorded data that suggests that three people per 1,000 have the coronavirus in the Corvallis community.


COVID-19 study suggests 5 per 1,000 Eugene residents infected

Oregon State University and the University of Oregon conducted door-to-door TRACE sampling on Nov. 7 and 8. Thirty TRACE teams visited 30 Eugene neighborhoods and collected samples from 304 households and 463 people.


OSU adapts COVID-19 testing of students and employees as holidays near

TRACE OSU, Oregon State University’s weekly COVID-19 prevalence testing of students and employees, is adjusting to serve thousands of OSU students who may travel over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Door to door trace-testing for COVID-19 in Eugene

In an effort to get a better understanding of the prevalence of the virus here in Eugene, TRACE-testers went door to door this weekend testing people for COVID-19. Each team is made up of a representative from Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. They're hoping to get samples from 600 people in the process. It's free and completely voluntary.

MyCentralOregon -

OSU-UO partnership for Eugene COVID-19 testing highlights benefits of university collaboration

Oregon State University’s TRACE Community COVID-19 testing project is heading to Eugene this weekend, where collaboration with the University of Oregon will provide a better understanding of the virus’ community-wide prevalence.


Oregon State TRACE teams headed to Eugene in November

The Oregon State University TRACE team is headed to Eugene to conduct door-to-door COVID-19 testing with the help of the University of Oregon.

Coos Bay World -

OSU COVID-19 sampling suggests three people in 1,000 have virus

Oregon State University’s fifth round of door-to-door sampling throughout the Corvallis community by TRACE-COVID-19 field workers on Sept. 26 and 27 suggested three people per 1,000 in the community carried the novel coronavirus on those days.


OSU sees no positive cases stem from testing after wastewater shows traces of COVID

Out of the 280 plus people tested for COVID-19 at a residence hall at Oregon State University, there are no positive cases to report on Tuesday night. This is after traces of the virus were found a week ago in wastewater by OSU’s TRACE team.


Evidence of COVID-19 found in wastewater samples at Oregon State University

“Occurrences such as this are not cause for panic but rather simply illustrate the reason we have TRACE OSU in place,” said Ben Dalziel, TRACE director and assistant professor in OSU’s College of Science.

Mirage -

Fifth round of Corvallis TRACE-COVID-19 sampling set for Sept. 26 and 27

Oregon State University will conduct its fifth round of door-to-door sampling throughout Corvallis this weekend on Sept. 26 and 27 for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

News Guard -

TRACE-OSU to support health and safety with in-person, wastewater SARS-CoV-2 testing

Oregon State University will extend its ongoing TRACE-COVID-19 project to support safer and healthier environments for its students, faculty and staff by providing weekly prevalence testing during fall term on OSU’s campuses in Corvallis and Bend. Prevalence testing also will occur at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.


OSU study shows evidence of COVID-19 in sewer system

New data from Oregon State University's trace study shows there is evidence of COVID-19 in the Corvallis sewer system. Tyler Radniecki, OSU associate professor of environmental engineering, said genetic evidence in Corvallis wastewater of the virus that causes COVID-19 has been consistently detected at moderate levels for the past month following a late July spike.

Hermiston Herald -

OSU study estimates 17% of Hermiston residents were positive for COVID-19 on July 25-26

Oregon State University researchers believe 17% of Hermiston residents were positive for COVID-19 during the university's door-to-door testing period on July 25-26.


Close to 17% of Hermiston residents could have COVID-19

Umatilla County is in the middle of one of the worst outbreaks of COVID-19 in Oregon. Since the beginning of July, the county has registered more than 17 cases per 1,000 people. But data released Friday by Oregon State University suggest the rate of coronavirus infection could actually be significantly higher in places.


3.4% of Newport residents infected with coronavirus, OSU study finds

Oregon State University’s door-to-door testing project found that about 3.4% of people in Newport had the coronavirus on June 20 and 21, initial reports suggest.

KGW8 -

Over 300 people have COVID-19 in Newport, OSU study finds

The Oregon Health Authority called the results "very concerning" and is urging residents to take action to stop the spread of the virus.

KVTZ News -

OSU to use power of big data to help fight against COVID-19

OSU will help the National Institute of Health to harness the power of big data in the fight against COVID-19. The project will help create a centralized, secure digital enclave for collecting medical record data from COVID-19 patients throughout the United States.

Tillamook Headlight Herald -

Oregon State University expands coronavirus prevalence study to Newport

TRACE-COVID-19, the groundbreaking Oregon State University (OSU) project to determine community prevalence of the novel coronavirus, is expanding to include two days of sampling in Newport on June 20-21. The addition of Newport to the study follows the positive tests of more than 120 workers at Pacific Seafood, which operates five processing facilities in the city.