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Getting your results

TRACE field staff talking with one another outside of Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Test results are given to all participants in a secure and confidential manner.

TRACE respects personal privacy and empowers individuals to protect themselves, their family and community.

TRACE Community

In TRACE communities, field workers leave participants with information about the project and how they will receive their results as well as health guidance from the county health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Participants will receive their results and those of their minor children by secure email with receipt by mail as a backup. Personal information will be safeguarded.

TRACE field staff also provide participants with information from county health departments and the CDC, for example, on how to stay healthy, how to care for themselves or a household member who tests positive for the virus, and how to manage stress and maintain good mental health during the pandemic.


Participants in TRACE OSU will receive their results by secure email. When an individual’s results are ready, they will receive an email with instructions about how to obtain those results. They need to follow the instructions in the email.

OSU administration will be informed of students who receive positive tests. The local county health department and OSU Student Health Services will work with each student to determine the best course of action for their case. OSU administration will not be informed of the identities of employees who test positive, but those employees will be informed that OSU policy requires them to not report to work in-person and to see their medical care provider.

Call Center

For all participants in communities and at OSU, the TRACE Call Center (541-713-0450 / 1-844-541-4219) is available to answer questions. Personal information is safeguarded and not shared with anyone other than appropriate university and public health officials.

Please note

For the project, TRACE reports cumulative results from the previous week on this website.